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Ensuring a Greener Future

The AFS Chain of Custody certification provides a mechanism to track timber or forest products from a certified forest through the supply chain to its end use by the consumer.

Having a chain-of-custody system gives purchasers the highest level of confidence that the timber they are procuring originates from certified sustainably managed forests.

A world-class forestry standard, the AFS is endorsed by the world’s biggest assessor of sustainable forest management, the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

The Australian Forestry Standard Scheme is the only Australian forest certification scheme with an Australian Standard (AS4708-2007).

Dale and Meyers Operations Pty Ltd currently has chain of custody (CoC) production certification for hardwood from our sawmills. Dale and Meyers Operations Pty Ltd and subsidiaries provides ongoing training and development of personnel to ensure accurate implementation of the CoC system.

The chain of custody certification guarantees, for DTM Timber customers and end users, that the products have been sourced from certified, legal and sustainably managed resources.

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